Tree Selection


  • Prairie Gold- A smaller aspen tree. Adaptable to many soils. Leaves turn bright yellow in the Fall. Height: 30' Width: 15' Fall Color: Golden Yellow Zone: 4


  • Honeycrisp- A familiar favorite with sweet crispiness. Heavy yield every two years. Ripens in September. Height: 15-20' Width: 10' Zone: 3
  • Frostbite- Sweet and tangy! Great for cider or desserts. Ripens in October. Height: 10-15' Width: 15' Zone 3
  • Snowsweet- Sweet and slightly tart. Great fresh eating apple. Ripens in late September. Height: 15-20' Width: 15' Zone: 4
  • Sweet 16- A tasty treat. Nice for smaller sites. Ripens in September. Height: 15' Width: 10' Zone: 3
  • Zestar- A sweet, crisp, and juicy apple. Long shelf life. Ripens in August. Height:10-15' Width:8-10' Zone: 3


  • Quaking- Native tree. Very adaptable. Leaves are silvery-green on one side making them simmer in the wind. Height: 40-60' Width: 20-30' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 2
  • Prairie Horizon- High tolerance to wet soils. Fast grower. Height: 30-40' Width: 20-30' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4 Native


  • Dakota Pinnacle- A narrow birch that tolerates wind, clay, and heat. Young bark is gray/orange turning yellow/white and exfoliates as it matures. Narrow growth habit. Height: 30' Width: 10' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 3
  • Prairie Dream- Your textbook Birch tree. Exceptional exfoliating snow white bark. Resistant to bronze birch borer. Height: 50' Width: 40' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 2
  • River- A very popular tree! Some of the most beautiful bark around. Exfoliating cinnamon brown bark. Great for moist ground. Resistant to the birch borer. Height: 40-60' Width: 30-40' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 3-4
  • Shiloh Splash- Unique tree. Much like the river birch but smaller and foliage is variegated. Slow grower. Height: 15-30' Width: 10-20' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Whitespire- Chalk white bark which doesn't exfoliate. Resistant to the birch borer. Height: 40-45' Width: 30' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 3


  • Northern Catalpa- Can be planted in a wide range of soils! Likes full sun. Growing 1-2' a year! Beautiful white blooms in early summer. Grows seed pods every 3-4 years that last through winter. Can develop twisty branches and truck. Height:40-60' Width: 20-40' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4


  • Bali "Evans"- Hardy with big cherrys! Great for cooking. Ripens in August Height: 12' Width: 6-8' Zone: 3
  • North Star Dwarf- Very productive cherry tree. Great for cooking and freezing. Ripens late June-Early July. Height: 10' Width: 6-8' Zone: 4
  • Sweet Cherry Pie- A more sour cherry. Still great for cooking though. Ripens July. Height: 15' Width: 12' Zone: 4

Cherry (Fruitless)

  • Pink Flair- Narrow upright flowering cherry. Fall color is vibrant orange/red! Height: 25' Width: 15' Fall Color: Orange/Red Zone: 3
  • Spring Wonder- Pink flowering. Leave emerge purple then progress to a glossy dark green. Height 20-25' Width: 15-25' Fall Color: Orange/Red Zone: 4


  • Kentucky- Grey/brown bark. Has 8" brown pods from October until Spring. Adaptable to many sites. Height: 50-60' Width: 40-50' Zone: 4 Fall Color: Golden Yellow
  • Kentucky Espresso- Male version of Kentucky. Seedless. Height: 50-60' Width: 40-50' Zone: 4 Fall Color: Golden Yellow


  • Firebird- Nice small tree with great resistance to disease. White flowers. Height: 8' Width: 12' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Gladiator- Narrow and hardy tree with pink flowers. Disease resistant. Height: 20' Width: 9' Fall Color: None Zone: 2
  • Lollipop- Small and globe shaped. White flowers. Fits well in formal garden design. Height: 10' Width: 10' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Prairefire- Rounded crab with dark foliage. Disease resistant. Rich purple/red flowers. Height: 15-20' Width: 20' Fall Color: Red/Orange Zone: 4
  • Red Splendor- Open growth habit. Red buds open to pink flowers with dark glossy foliage. Lots of fruit! Height: 20' Width: 20' Fall Color: Red/Purple Zone: 3
  • Royal Raindrops- Open growth. Purple foliage and pink red blooms. Disease resistant. Height: 20' Width: 15' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Spring Snow- Popular crab with no fruit. Full branching. White flowers. Height: 25-30 Width: 15-20' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Sugar Tyme- Pale pink flowers transform to snow white flowers. Disease resistant. Lots of fruit. Height: 20' Width: 15' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Tina- A small dwarf tree. Highly disease resistant. White flowers with yellow centers. Nice for inside the garden. Height: 6-8' Width: 8-10' Fall Color: None Zone: 4


  • Pagoda- Great small tree for a "natural" garden. Lateral branching with berries. Showy white flowers in Spring. Doesn't like hot/dry sites. Height: 10-15' Width: 10-15' Fall Color: Burgundy Zone: 3


  • Princeton- Top rated American elm tree. Excellent against common disease threats. Height: 60' Width: 40' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Valley Forge- Tested best against dutch elm disease. Fast grower! Height: 70' Width: 70' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4


  • White Clump- Beautiful ornamental. Small rounded tree with fragrant white flowers. Height: 10-20' Width: 10-20' Fall Color: Yellow Zone 4


  • Balsam- The Christmas Tree. Shiny green needles. Deer like to munch on the new buds. Height: 50' Width: 20-25' Zone: 2 Native


  • Common Hackberry- Tree adaptable to many sites. Fruit attracts critters. Fast growing with bumpy bark. Height: 50-75' sometimes even 100' Width: 50' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 2


  • Thornless- Thornless variety of Hawthorn. Full of white flowers in Spring, fruit following all the way to winter. Flower fragrance can be unpleasant. Height: 15-20' Width: 15-20' Fall Color: Bronze/Red turning to Dark Red


  • Northern Acclaim- Adaptable to a wide range of soils and environmental conditions. Thornless and seedless. Height: 35-40' Width:30-35' Fall Color: Golden yellow Zone: 3


  • Limelight- Popular ornamental with the well-known lime-green blooms that transform deep pink in Fall. Height: 8-10' Width: 3-5' Fall Color: None Zone: 3
  • Pinky Winky- Large two-toned turn white to pink. Dark green foliage. Height: 8-10' Width: 6-8' Fall Color: None Zone: 4


  • American Larch "Tamarack"- Pyramidal, becoming droopier and more open as it matures. This is a unique tree as it loses its needles in the Fall. Height: 40-80' Width: 15-30' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 2 Native


  • Bloomerang- Common purple lilac flowers that bloom once in the Spring and again in midsummer until frost. Height: 8' Width: 4' Fall Color: None Zone: 3
  • Dwarf Korean- Korean lilac in a standard form. Easy to keep gumdrop shape. Fragrant purple flowers. Height: 8' Width: 5' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Ivory Silk- Common Japanese lilac selection. Compact dense growth habit. Large white blooms in June. Height: 25' Width: 15' Fall Color: None Zone: 3
  • Snow Dance- Much like ivory silk. Mike prefers this as it's doesn't disperse seeds. Great tree for small landscapes. Big fragrant June blooms. Height: 20' Width: 20' Fall Color: None Zone: 3


  • Boulevard- Great urban tree. Pyramid shape with small golden yellow fragrant flowers in June. Height: 50-60' Width: 25-30' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 3
  • Greenspire- Symmetrical pyramid growth. Great for harsh urban conditions. Height: 40-50' Width: 30-35' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4


  • Ann- Small shrub/tree with bright pink flowers in May. Also available in standard form. Height: 10' Width: 6' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Jane- Fragrant red/purple/white blooms. Height: 8-12' Width: 8-12' Fall Color: None Zone: 4
  • Merrill- Large fragrant white flowers. Bloom in May before leaves emerge. Prefers well drained soil that is slightly acidic. Doesn't like hot conditions. Height: 20-30' Width: 20-30' Fall Color: None Zone: 4

Mountain Ash

  • Showy- Small native tree with white flowers in Spring and fruit clusters that hold through winter. Height: 20-25' Width: 2' Fall Color: Red Zone: 2


  • Diablo Tree- Nice little landscape tree with exfoliating bark. Round growth habit with trimming. Dark purple foliage. Small white flowers in May. Height: 8-10' Width: 8-10' Fall Color: None Zone:3


  • Northern Pin- A nice woodland tree. Straight branches and evenly shaped. Leaves persist through winter. Height: 50-60' Width: 45' Fall Color: Red Zone: 3
  • Bur- Broad rugged tree. Fits in well with the farm landscape as it needs lot of room to grow. Fall color is insignificant. Height: 60-80' Width: 60-80' Fall Color: Brown Zone: 3
  • Red- Faster growing Oak, 2' a year. Great for urban sites as it doesn't mind pollution, salt, and compacted ground. Leaves persist throughout winter. Height: 60-80' Width: 40-50' Fall Color: A nice red/orange Zone: 3 Native
  • White- Broad stately tree. Grows slow. Spreads wide as it matures. Adaptable to many soil types. Height: 60-80' Width: 60-80' Fall Color: Purple/Red Zone: 3
  • Swamp White: Tolerant to drought and poorly drained soil. Fast growing. Height:50-60' Width: 40-50' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4

Ohio Buckeye

  • Autumn Splendor- Beautiful pinnacles of creamy flowers in Spring make for a pollinator's paradise. Followed by a round of seed pods that squirrels love. Can be messy, not recommended to be planted near gardens. Showy fall colors. Height: 25-40' Width: 20-30' Fall Color: Yellow/Orange/Red Zone: 4

Pear (Edible)

  • Parker- Large soft yellow fruit. Needs Summercrisp as a pollinator. Pick fruit before ripe. Blooms in May. Ripens middle of August. Height 15' Width: 10-15' Zone: 4
  • Summercrisp- Very hardy. Needs Parker to pollinate. Ripens in August. Height 15' Width: 10-15' Zone 4

Pear (Non-edible)

  • Korean Sun- Wider than it is tall. Small white flowers in May. Vibrant red/purple fall color. Height: 15' Width: 15-20' Zone: 4
  • Mountain Frost- Improved version of Ussuarian pear. White Spring flowers, like a fresh coating of snow on the tree. Needs its on space. One of the best bloomers! Height: 20-30' Width: 20-30' Zone: 3


  • Austrian- Rapid growth habit. Full pyramid shape when young. 5-6'' long needles. Height: 50-60' Width: 30-40' Zone: 4
  • Red/Norway- Minnesota's state tree! Fast grower. Self-pruning, tree. Just let it grow. Branches are spacy as it matures. Height: 50-80' Width: 30-40' Zone: 2 Native
  • Scots- My favorite tree. Patience pays off with this one. Slow growing but as it matures it becomes spacy with uniquely shaped branches and develops a majestic canopy. Mature trees can be identified from a distance with its trilling bright orange/bark. Life span ranges from 150-300 years. The oldest being 750! Very full as a young tree. Height: 40-60' Width: 25-30' Zone: 2
  • Ponderosa- Broad pyramidal shape when young. Develops in a very tall specimen with a narrow crown. Height: 50-80+' Width: 25-30' Zone: 3
  • Swiss Stone- Very slow growth habit. Dense when young but branches open with maturity. Resistant to winter browning. Soft needles. Good tree for small landscapes. Height: 30-40' Width: 15-20' Zone: 2
  • White- The big tree that towers over everything else in the native woods. Very full when young and grows fast! Soft needles. Height: 50-80+' Width: 30-40' Zone: 3 Native


  • Mount Royal- Juicy fruit that's good for eating and making jam. Fruit ripens late August early September. Height: 8-12' Width: 6-8' Zone: 4


  • Autumn Brilliance- White flowers cover tree in Spring. Edible fruit grows following blooms. Leaves turn bright red in Fall. Height: 20-25' Width: 15' Fall Color: Bright Red Zone: 3


  • Norway- Fast grower. Branches droop then become more upright with maturity. Great wind screen. Cones can be 6'' long. Height: 60-80' Width: 25-30' Zone: 2
  • Colorado "Fat Albert-Healthy variety"- Hardy and adaptable with tough blue needles and stiff branches. Makes for a nice accent tree. Height: 40-60' Width: 15-30' Zone: 2
  • Black Hills- Slow grower with dense growth and lots of little pinecones. Dark green needles. Height: 30-40' Width: 20-30' Zone: 3


  • Bloodgood- Fast growing tree. Unique bark with patches of grey, tan, and ivory shades. Height: 50' Width: 40' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Exclamation- Disease resistant, fast growing tree. Dense pyramid form. Unique exfoliating bark. Less fruit than Bloodgood. Height: 60' Width: 40-45' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4


  • Nannyberry- Small tree with arching branches. White Spring flowers followed by fruit. Height: 20' Width: 8-10' Fall Color: Dark Red Zone: 2


  • Black- Planting site should be chosen carefully with this one. Large tree we beautiful open branches. Roots cause toxicity to certain neighboring plants. Height: 50-75' Width: 30-50' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4


  • Niobe Weeping- The classic Willow. Loves wet and large sites as it's a wide specimen. Branchlets will often touch the ground if let to grow naturally. Leaves shimmer in the wind. Bark is yellow when young, turning grey as it matures. Height: 50' Width: 50' Fall Color: Yellow Zone 4

*If you don't see a tree that you desire chances are, we'll be able to find it*



  • Flame- Small tree. Heavy seeder. No major insects of disease. Lots of seeds! Height: 15-20' Width: 15-20 Fall Color: Brilliant red Zone: 3


  • Autumn Blaze- Drought resistant. Fast growth rate. Excellent red fall color. "Sienna Glen- yellow fall color." Height: 40-60' Width: 20-40' Fall Color: Red Zone: 4
  • Firefall- Male version of Autumn Blaze. No seed crop. Zone: 4
  • Armstrong- Columnar. Fast growth. Good for narrow sites. Height: 40-50' Width: 15' Fall Color: Orange/Yellow/Red Zone: 4


  • Northwind- Serrated leaves that red in Spring, turning green through Summer then finishing with a fiery red/orange in Fall. Height: 20' Width: 15' Fall Color: Red/Orange Zone: 4
  • Artic Jade- Finely serrated lime green leaves. Height: 15-20' Width:10-15' Fall Color: Orange/Red Zone: 4
  • Korean Maple- A hearty substitute to the Japanese Maple. Exfoliating bark. Height: 20-25' Width: 15' Fall Color: Red Zone: 4


  • Crimson King- Dark purple foliage! Slow growth rate. Height: 30-40' Width: 35' Fall Color: Insignificant, bronze. Zone: 4
  • Princeton Gold- Bright yellow/lime green foliage all year long with its preferred light requirements. Needs a happy medium of sun, shade, and, wind for optimal foliage color. Height: 35-45' Width: 30-40' Fall Color: Insignificant, bronze. Zone: 4
  • Royal Red- Like Crimson King, dark foliage. Available in more sizes. Height: 40' Width: 30' Fall Color: Insignificant, bronze. Zone: 4
  • Variegated Norway- Unique variegated leaves. Each leaf has a white outline. Height: 50-60' Width: 40-50' Fall Color: Yellow tinge with pink Zone: 4
  • Emerald Lustre- Fast growth. Adaptable to many soil conditions. Heavy green foliage. Height: 50-60' Width: 50-60 Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 4
  • Norway Columnar- Narrow growth. Height: 50' Width- 15' Fall Color: yellow Zone: 4


  • Scarlet Jewel "Bullcraig"- Height: 70' Width: 30' Fall Color: Crimson Zone: 3
  • Red Sunset- Fast growth. Holds bright red fall color longer than other cultivars. Height: 45' Width: 35' Fall Color: Bright red Zone:
  • Red Rocket- Narrow growth. Height: 35' Width: 10-15' Fall Color: Starts red then turns orange
  • New World- Seedless. Height: 40' Width: 20' Fall Color: Red/Yellow/Orange
  • Northwood- Round growth habit. Height: 50' Width: 35' Fall Color: Red turning to orange Zone: 3


  • Rapid growth. Needs regular pruning. Hardy in a variety of conditions. Height: 40-70' Width: 30-50' Fall Color: Yellow Zone: 3


  • Fall Fiesta- Dark leathery foliage. One of the best maples out there! Does will in hot and cold temps. Height: 50-70' Width- 50' Fall Color: Vibrant Orange/Red/Yellow Zone: 3
  • Green Mountain- Waxy foliage. Heat tolerant. Height: 50-70' Width- 35-50' Fall Color: Orange/Scarlet Zone: 3
  • Northern Flame- Hardy. Good leaf density. Height: 40-50' Width: 30-40' Fall Color: Orange/Red
  • Sugar Cone- Dwarf conical tree. Slow growing. Good for small sites. Height: 20' Width: 6-8' Fall Color: Yellow/Orange Zone: 3
  • Unity- Great for cold temps. Height: 40' Width: 35' Fall Color: Yellow turns to orange Zone: 3



Three Flowered

  • Hot Wings- Small flowers followed by bright red seed. Small tree. Height: 20' Width: 16' Fall Color: Yellow to red Zone: 3
  • Tree Flowered- Small tree. Exfoliating bark. Height 25' Width: 20' Fall Color: Yellow to orange/red Zone: 4