Landscape Materials & Descriptions

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Garden Blend/Black Dirt: Is a mix of 2/3 black dirt and 1/3 compost. Your #1 choice for vegetable gardens, flower gardens or new plants. It has been tested for all levels of pH, phosphorus, potassium, soluble salts, calcium, boron, sulfur, manganese, zinc.

50/50 Topsoil: is a multipurpose dirt. It is a dirt made up of 50% topsoil and 50% black dirt. It is best for seeding or sodding, filling in low spots in your lawn, planting trees and shrubs and gardening.

Brown Packing Dirt: is a screened brown dirt. It is good for building up around your home to divert water or create berms. An economical dirt for landscaping projects in need of a heavier soil.

Manure: is available for your garden. The cow manure is at least 4 years old and screened. It can be delivered alone or mix with any dirt.

Compost: is from a site similar to WLSSD. It can be delivered alone or mixed with any dirt. Great for top dressing or mixing into garden beds.


Washed Sand: used for a base for laying paver blocks for patios and walkways. Also used for leveling out an area for above ground swimming pools.

Play Sand: looks like beach sand. Used for recreation areas.

Sandy Loam: is used for building up an area before laying topsoil for a yard or to use around your home before putting down plastic and rock. It is a packing, silty sand with hardly any rock.

Pit Run Sand (-1): is used for garage slab prep or other concrete projects. It is a coarse sand with rock.


Class 5: is a driveway product that is made up of 3/4" rock and sand and dirt as a binder.

Limestone C5: is a step up from Class 5 for driveways and is used for the base when you are building a patio. It is 3/4" limestone with limestone fines as the binder. It compacts hard but the rock stays a little loose on top.

Limestone 2.0: a cheaper gravel option. Limestone with fines, rock is larger 1-2" in size.

Recycled Blacktop: A newer choice for driveways and parking areas. Much less muddy than Class 5. A little darker in color. A crushed mix of excavated black top and the rock that was originally under it.

Bluestone C5: crushed bluestone with fines. Rock is 3/4" or smaller in size and blue in color once rains have washed off rock.

Landscape Rock

Pea Rock: is available for bigger play areas it is earth-tone colored and small like a pea.

Washed Rock 3/4": has dark earth-tones and is 3/4" to 1/4". It is also popular for putting around drain tile or as drainage rock behind retaining walls.

Washed Rock 1 1/2": Same as 3/4" washed rock but bigger in size. Can be used for utility areas.

Bluestone 3/4": is bluish/grey in color, crushed to size.

Bluestone 1 1/2": is bluish/grey in color, crushed to size.

WI River Rock: is 1 1/2" rounded with light earth-tone colors (cream, pinks, red, blues, crystals, and lots of white)

MN River Rock:is a 1 ½" rounded rock with some angular. A mixture of earth tone colors; grey blue, red, pink, white, and cream.

Lake Superior River Rock: is 1 1/2" rounded rock with darker earth tones. (red, blue, grey, pink, very little white)



Fieldstone - Rounded boulders with mostly smooth edges. Various colors. Available in 8-14", 14-24", and 24" +"

  One Man: 7-14" (Not Exact) in size. Great for outlining gardens and building small walls.
  Two Man: 14-24" (Not Exact) in size. Great for larger walls or as decorative boulders.

Bobcat Boulders: 24''- 30"+ in size. Will need a machine to lift these. Limited availability.

Silver Creek Bluestone:Angular boulders. Blueish/gray in color with speckled silica. Available in 8-14", 14-24", and 24" +

Duluth Bluestone: Angular boulders. Mostly solid blue in color with some pink/white sides. Color fades slightly over long periods of time. Available in 8-14", 14-24", and 24" +.

Virginia Slate: dark ironstone with rusty accents. Dense and very heavy. Available in 12"- 42". Great for walls, accents, steps, or seat stones. Sold by the boulder.

*Call about hand picking the very right boulders you need*

*Please note, sizing is not exact.


Pine Bark Mulch: Bark flakes off of red pine trees with some shredded wood mixed in. Not dyed.

Brown/Mink/Chocolate: is a shredded dark brown dyed mulch made up of various hardwoods.

Red:Shredded hardwood mulch, dyed red. Please note that the red dye can temporarily stain driveways so please put a tarp down.

Natural: Mixture of shredded soft and hardwoods. A more economical mulch. Not dyed. May find small sticks or larger chunks mixed in.

Undyed: Shredded hardwood with no dye added

Playground: Undyed and chipped mulch. Perfect for play areas, paths, and dog parks.


Lifetyme Pro Turf Sunny Grass Seed: A 50/50 Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Ryegrass mixture with varieties selected for their quicker germination and disease resistance. 25# bag.

25% Rockstar Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Palmer III Perennial Ryegrass
20% Linedrive II Perennial Ryegrass
15% Gateway Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Double Time Perennial Ryegrass

Lifetyme Pro Turf Sun & Shade Grass Seed: A perfect mixture for most light and soil conditions. Varieties selected for their quicker germination and disease resistance. 25# bag.

65% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
15% Rockstar Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Linedrive II Perennial Ryegrass
10% Double Time Perennial Ryegrass

Lifetyme Pro Turf Hardy Lawn Mixture: Use for lower maintenance areas. Drought tolerant. 25# bag.

40% Falcon IV Tall Fescue
20% Tribute II Tall Fescue
20% Renegade DT Tall Fescue
10% Linedrive II Perennial Ryegrass
10% 85/80 Kentucky Bluegrass

Lifetyme Pro Turf Grandview Lawn Mixture: Use for lawn and outlots where fast germination and/or cost are primary concerns. 25# bag.

60% Prelude IV Perennial Rye
15% Gulf Annual Rye
15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
10% 98/85 Kentucky Bluegrass


Landscape Fabric: Heavy professional 3oz grade fabric. Blocks weeds unlike black plastic. Lets air, water, and sunlight pass through for healthier plants and shrubs. Installs easily, simply roll out and cut quickly around contours and curves. Please note wood mulch on top of fabric decomposes and eventually creates a layer of soil on the fabric that weeds cold grow on. Rolls are 75"x300'. Can be sold by the foot or roll.

Road Fabric: Permeable woven 12' wide roll under patios and driveways to reduce rutting and subsoils working into the gravel. Tell us the length you need and we'll cut it and add it to your delivery.


Diamondback Royal Vinyl Lawn Edging: Black vinyl edging used to prevent lawn encroachment into beds and gardens. T-shaped bottom lip increases stability when installed. Corrugated side walls add channels for soil to solidify the position of the edging. Easily cuttable and flexible. Sections are 5" tall and 20' long. Comes with 4 stakes and 1 connector per section. 90* connectors are also available.

Straw Erosion Control Blanket

Seed Mats: Constructed of 100% straw fiber stitched with photodegradable thread to a lightweight, photodegradable polypropylene top net. Designed to provide erosion protection and mulching on moderate slopes and low-flow channels in low maitainence areas for up to 12 months. Degrades within 45 days because of special additives to the photodegradable thread and top net that facilitate breakdown in sunlight. Available in 4'x112' or 8'x112' rolls.


U Shaped Staple: Used to anchor landscape fabric, sod, and seed mats, even soaker hoses. Constructed of durable steel, easy to push and pull out of ground. Measures 6" long and 1" wide. Sold in packs of 12.

*If you don't see a product you need give us a call. There's a good chance we'll be able to find it!*