Duluth Dirt

Originally founded in 1996 by Pat and Kathy Kunst, they started up "Kunst Delivery". Their business entailed delivering an abundance of landscape materials to homeowners and contractors. After a few years the Kunsts' changed the name of the business to Duluth Dirt which quickly became a household name throughout the surrounding area. As the business ran, their dedication to good service paid off as they have created long lasting relationships and friendships within the community.

In 2017, Duluth Dirt was coming to a close and the Kunst's were looking to retire, which meant a new owner for the dirt company. They decided to reach out to Mike and Tom Kasper - a father and son duo whom started a small landscaping business in 2014 - to take over the company. Not only was the business, Kasper Lawn and Landscape, frequent buyers to Duluth Dirt from the start of their company, but Mike and Tom were looking to expand their business. Since the start of 2018, Mike continues the operation of Duluth Dirt Landscape and Supply. Tom has also been able to work full time at Bending Birches Greenhouse which they purchased in 2016.

Duluth Dirt and Bending Birches offer a wide selection of products for all your landscaping needs. From putting in a patio or planting a new garden, we are your trusted source for landscape and hardscape material. Our continued goal for Duluth Dirt and Bending Birches is to provide a one stop shop, or two stop shop for contractors and homeowners alike.

It's been great to meet and hear from all of the long-time customers that have relied on Duluth Dirt over the years. At Duluth Dirt, we hope to continue on the familiar legacy of reliable service and dedication that the Kunst have established.