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Product Descriptions 

Our Dirt Products

Garden Mix ~ Black Dirt
 is a mix of 2/3 black dirt and 1/3 compost.  Your #1 choice for vegetable gardens, flower gardens or new plants. It has been tested for all levels of pH, phosphorus, potassium, soluble salts, calcium, boron, sulfur, manganese, zinc.

MN Black dirt / Lawn dirt  is a multipurpose dirt.  It is a dirt made up of 50% topsoil and 50% black dirt.  It is best for seeding or sodding, filling in low spots in your lawn, planting trees and shrubs and gardening.

Brown Topsoil (Packing)  Dirt is a screened brown dirt.  It is good for building up around your home to divert water. An economical dirt for landscaping projects in need of a heavier soil.

Manure  is available for your garden.  The cow manure is at least 4 years old and screened.  It can be delivered alone or mix with any dirt.

Compost is from a site like WLSSD.  It can be delivered alone or mixed with any dirt.

Our Gravel and Sand Products

Class 5
is a driveway product that is made up of 3/4" rock and sand and dirt as a binder

Limestone is a step up from Class 5 for driveways and is used for the base when you are building a brick patio.  It is 3/4" limestone with limestone fines as the binder.  It compacts hard but the rock stays a little loose on top.

Recycled Blacktop  A new choice for driveways and parking areas.  Does not get muddy in the spring! Stays dark in color.  A crushed mix of excavated black top and the rock that was originally under it. Call for availability.

Washed sand  used for a base for laying paver blocks for patios and walkways. Wash sand is also used for leveling out an area for above ground swimming pools.

Sandy loam is used for building up an area before laying topsoil for a yard or to use around your home before putting down plastic and rock.  It is a packing, silty sand with hardly any rock

Pit Run Sand is used for garage slab prep or other concrete projects.  It is a coarse sand with rock. 

Pit Run Gravel is used for a driveway base before Class 5 or Limestone is applied as a top dressing.  It is a packing dirt and rocky material.

Screened sand
is a coarse draining sand with little rocks good for a base of concrete

Pea Rock is available for bigger play areas it is earth-tone colored and small like a pea. 

1 1/2" Unwashed Rock call for availability Large Loads Only

Other Products
Pine Bark Mulch is a natural mulch available for landscaping

Mink/Chocolate Mulch is a shredded dark brown dyed mulch made up of various hardwoods. It is the #1 selling colored mulch in the Twin Cities.  

Cedar Mulch
 is a shredded mulch... now available

Road Fabric is available in 12 ft wide sections, you pick the length you need.  It is contractor grade

Landscaping rock is available in many colors and sizes

3/4" Wash Rock has dark earth-tones and is 3/4" to 1/4". It is also popular for putting around drain tile.

1 1/2" Wash Rock is crushed, dark earth-tones (brown, red, blue, tan)

Bluestone 3/4" and 1 1/2"  is blue/grey in color, crushed to size

WI River Rock is 1 1/2" rounded with light earth-tone colors 
 (cream, pinks, red, blues, crystals)

MN River Rock is a 1 1/2" rounded rock with darker earth-tones than WI River Rock

Boulders come in different sizes

4"-10" are mostly rounded and are earth-tone in color Limited availability 

6"-12" boulders are great for outlining gardens or around your home. You get approximately 60-80 rocks per yard.

16" + are also known as "bobcat boulders" you will need a bobcat or skid-steer loader to move them once delivered

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